How it all began...

Open for Business!

Someone out there reading this might remember saying to me "This store is a long time coming."  And how right you were!

My son was born two and a half years ago.  He still wears his clothes for a single season and has seriously outgrown them by the time the year rolls around.  All my friends feel the exact same way. 

I have believed in the concept of selling and buying second hand for a long time.  So it was simply a matter of finding the right place to open shop.  Perhaps one day my vision of having an actual shop will be realized - for now, you are welcome to my home.  Would you like something from the kitchen while you look around?  :-)

On Quality:

I have to say, I am not the most careful of mom's and my son lives by the saying "boys will be boys!"  When I try consigning items back home it is not uncommon for them to only take 30% of what I've brought!!!  But I know the kid had fun in his clothes!

My wish is that when you come in looking for a new outfit or toy for your children, that you find items that are absolutely like-new, that you come to expect this everytime you visit, and that you can assure your friends that they will find tons of great things here too.  

A Note of Thanks:

There is nothing in the world like good friends and family!!!  The support and encouragement I have received from them has no price - and I am getting good at this pricing thing!  :D

Thank you everyone!  Please count on me if you ever need anything!

May 15th, 2009  Play it Again's very 1st Bazaar!

I was a nervous wreck that morning - setting up shop for the very first time.  Would anyone be interested in my table at all!?  I couldn't help but thinking.

But there is no time for worry or fear when there are clients to tend too!!!  Thank you to everyone who made Play it Again's first day such a success!

A special thank you! to my dear friend Gena who manned the table along side me that very first day!  And another huge thank you to all my first (and forever favorite!) consigners who trusted, supported and made this all possible.

June 8th, 2009.  Private VIP Inaguration Party!

The shop is open for business!  Attending the grand event were most of my first consigners.  Thank you everyone for coming and making this first day such a memorable one!